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Dru Thompson lives in Port Townsend with his partner and is immersed in the boating community, valuing hard work, independence, and community.  Dru is from Port Angeles and graduated from the NWSWB in 2012. Since then he has worked in the maritime trades, in industrial shipyards in Port Angeles and and on myriad independent projects in both Port Angeles and Port Townsend including those detail oriented jobs that take an expert to handle, in or out of the water. 


We offer a broad range of services, including but not limited to traditional wooden boat repair, fiberglass repair, epoxy work, interior joinery, window/portlight replacement, aluminum honeycomb interior construction, hardware removal/replacement, fabrication, caulking, corking, custom cradle and blocking, and finishing.


He is passionate about helping others find solutions that are affordable and efficient. Being a liveaboard and wooden boat owner for over ten years, he is well aware of the expense and timeline needs for hauling out. Together, with his partner Shelly Truman, who is a photographer/videographer and captain/owner of S/V Walkabout 34' Skookum, they worked to help promote funding of the restoration of Reliance. Dru, along with the captain and owner of Reliance, Matt Brink, trained a group of displaced people to help do prep work. Dru gave them tools for the day and taught them new skills. The owner of Reliance was enthusiastic about this solution as it helped drastically shorten the timeline to launch. Shelly donated her skills to create a video piece Reliance to support Brink's fundraising efforts.